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Talent OZ Entertainment is an exciting new entertainment agency based in Sydney, providing high quality entertainment across Australia and beyond...

We have brought together some of Australia's most experienced Industry Specialists who have been involved in all aspects of entertainment over the last 20 years.

We have the ability to tailor entertainment for venues, clubs and corporate events, according to the client's needs and budgets.

All types of entertainment requests are now readily available and can be sourced from our association with industry professionals that have been forged over the last 2 decades.

Talent Oz Entertainment & Management also manages some of the finest cabaret shows, bands, variety acts and artists offering a new era of quality entertainment to venues all over Australia.


Steve Voulgaris - Director
Founder of Talent OZ Entertainment


Steve has been involved in all aspects of the entertainment industry for over 25 years...

As a performer himself, but also as a booking agent, promoter, artist management, venue representation and tour manager. With this wealth of experience and industry contacts Steve felt he had a unique understanding of the music industry on all levels and the passion to create Talent Oz Entertainment in 2017.

"I am here to support the artists, musicians and venues and their staff by creating new exciting work and shows, tailoring entertainment to suit venues with differing budgets.

The industry has changed greatly from when I first started and gigs like these are harder to come by, so by creating new productions and linking with new venues hopefully we can all benefit and keep music alive and kicking!" 

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